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Updated: Apr 16

We have a few MASH SF x IZUMI and MASH SF x MKS products in stock on our web shop, go check them out!

There’s no better chain for the price than the hard-working 410 series. Need extreme rust resistance? The 410TG’s special surface plating fends off the worst corrosion.

The MASH SF special-edition 410 series features all the same tech that makes these some of most-dependable chains on the market. With special colour combinations available only on these limited-edition versions, Izumi x MASH smash style, function, bling, and strength into one package.

It’s a beautiful, hard-wearing chain that can be matched to your frame, wheels, grips or saddle for extra style points. With a handful of different colour combinations including the signature Jet Black finish, there’s a 410 chain that’s perfect for any single speed rig, town beater or fixed gear shredder.

Every 410 chain uses the same side-plate steel as the Izumi-V for unparalleled abrasion resistance.

Jet Black plates ‘n’ pins with silver rollers or Full Jet Black stealth construction or Jet Black plates ‘n’ pins with gold rollers. 116 links and 1/2×1/8 pitch only. Made In Japan.

MKS has collaborated with MASH SF to produce these next level track pedals!

Based on the Sylvan Stream, the MASH crew have updated one cage plate to include a kickback to achieve both excellent grip while improving the ability to catch the toe clip. The kickback protrudes about 13.5mm – What a unit!

From the cage plates to the axle threads, MASH opted for this pedal to be blacked out using advanced techniques such as Cathodic Electrodeposition that are designed to not only look good, but protect the pedal from the elements and give the pedal the longest lifespan possible. When combined with the sharp tooth profile this all black pedal delivers a particularly aggressive impression.

Made In Japan.


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