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Bicycle close-up of handlebars

Nitto has established a long-standing presence in the industry, specializing in manufacturing components ideal for rebuilds or innovative solutions. They possess the perfect solution!

Among all of Nitto's products, it was their handlebars that captivated me the most. I have equipped approximately four bicycles with Nitto handlebars – the most recent being the heat-treated B802AAF model on my '93 Orange Prestige. These handlebars added some much needed comfort (90’s MTB, Most Terrible Back), improved handling and stability and they look slamming! The stem is also Nitto by SimWorks, another exceptional Japanese company. Cables are Nissen by SimWorks.

Nitto offers a diverse range of products that not only provide solutions but also exude beauty. Whether you need to prevent your bag from interfering with the front wheel, require cable stops or mounts for racks, or require modern clamp sizes, Nitto has you covered. Their products are synonymous with exceptional quality, offering premium solutions at affordable prices without compromising on aesthetics.

We have Nitto products in stock at the shop. You can also buy Nitto on Freshtripe.



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